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Simply put, BodyCo is better than anyone in the industry. Tattooing has been around for over 9000 years
and we are the first business in the industry to expand through franchising! We didn't’t invent tattooing, we reinvented it. We strive to make a difference by raising artist and client awareness, and to provide them with the body art services they request using our superior, unified aseptic techniques. Most artists/studios struggle with the day to day business aspects of their profession by spending approximately half their time trying to deal with their business needs such as inventory, customer service, etc. While these issues are important, even vital, to success, they do not generate income. This is where we offer expert assistance…..


BodyCo is the FIRST EVER franchise opportunity available within the high margin, high growth body art industry. By separating the art and the business management, we pull together the best of both worlds, promoting a successful operation.


The popularity of body art is growing rapidly and thanks to advanced technology and the media, today’s consumers are more ill-informed than ever. Our proven operations system guarantees safety, which maintains client satisfaction by eliminating their prime concerns.


You invest in a franchise because you want financial independence. With our extensive training, ongoing support and proven business methods, you do not need to be an artist to enter this highly lucrative, fun and rewarding industry.

  • Have a deep-seeded love for art or tattooing, even if underdeveloped and suppressed by mainstream conformity
  • Always wished you could be successful in an exciting and creative environment
  • Want to be responsible for bringing the safest body art to your area





Step 1: Inquire, Apply & Discuss
We encourage you to learn more about us by talking to the Franchisers, staff, and clients. Complete the Franchisee Questionnaire here. A representative will contact you by phone to discuss franchising possibilities once we've received your application.

Step 2: Review & Submit
After speaking to a BodyCo representative, you'll be given a copy of the BodyCo Franchise Disclosure Document and Franchise Agreement. Review this information carefully with your attorney, accountant, and any other advisors who will assist you in the decision-making process. Upon delivery of the signed Franchise Agreement and fee, you can begin the procedures for opening your own BodyCo operation!

Step 3: Select Your Site & Train
We'll work with you to evaluate and assist with selecting the location(s) of your new BodyCo store(s). Once you've decided on a location, it’s time to scout and hire employees. Then it's off to training at BodyCo headquarters! After attending and successfully completing this program, training may continue at your location, if necessary.

Step 4: Open & Have Fun!
Congratulations! You're now part of the successful BodyCo Team! Always remember: you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Our experienced staff is always on hand to assist and support you in promoting and growing your BodyCo franchise.

International Application
For more information about international franchising, please contact:
Paul Cooper at 705-326-4380
Missies St. East. Orillia ON. L3V 1V7


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QUICK FACTS (back to top)

BodyCo offers the following advantages over the competition and other franchise opportunities:

• Proven to be recession resistant!

• The existing competition is weak!

• While the art is crucial, our utmost focus is on safety!

• Highest, consistent level of safety in industry for BOTH artists and clients!

• No previous experience is necessary, only the drive to succeed and love of the industry!

• Our own exclusive line of handcrafted piercing jewelry along with designer jewelry purchased from reputable manufacturers within North America!

• We provide a safe, drug/alcohol free, creative environment for artists to develop their abilities and careers!

BodyCo provides a fresh approach in this highly lucrative industry.

• Proven business methods – exceeding industry safety standards and practice using unparalleled aseptic techniques.

• High demand/profit margin compared to other industries.

• Franchiser has been successfully practicing in the industry for over 25 years!

• Exciting, creative and rapidly growing business.

• Personally rewarding with our “CLEANER, SAFER, BETTER” way of operation.

• A BodyCo franchise makes for attractive conversion, since it prevents problematic micro management -- “WE’VE UPPED OUR STANDARDS, UP YOURS!”

• Franchisees receive over 70 hours of initial training at corporate headquarters in Orillia, Ontario and on-site. The
training covers the material aspects of the operation and is mandatory. The franchisee’s manager must satisfactorily complete the initial training approximately eight weeks before the opening of the franchised business. Attendees will advance through the training program at different rates depending on a variety of factors, including background and experience. For other situations, training is offered on an as-needed basis.

BodyCo evaluates the franchisee’s proposed location for the business, provides grand opening advertising assistance, and on-site opening assistance.

• Franchisees receive unprecedented on-going support from highly trained professionals in the field!

BodyCo provides franchisees, franchisee’s managers and/or employees with periodic refresher-training programs and other ongoing support; such as periodic visits to the franchisee’s location and keeping franchisees up-to-date via print and online bulletins and notices.

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