We would like to start by saying that piercing is an art, not a science. The knowledge of human anatomy is a must, along with Universal Precautions not to mention a lot of common sense.
BodyCo continues to use a one-step Quick-Fit™ piercing method. This method makes procedures much faster and less discomforting to our clients. All piercing jewelry, used in our studios, is hand-crafted by our Canadian manufacturing facility. The way we process our jewelry makes the surface more impervious which results in quicker healing times.

We only use the highest quality surgical devices in the industry for each procedure which all undergo a rigorous multi-stage cleaning/sterilization process. Spore tests are taken monthly and processed in an analytical laboratory in order to ensure quality control and sterility. Quite possibly, we are the first and only studios in the world to run such a sterile set-up; all in keeping with our ‘New World Standard’ method which is more stringent than Universal Precautions.

WE USE A NEW, STERILIZED DEVICE (NEEDLE) EVERY TIME. It’s not enough to take the device out of sterile packaging to guarantee that it’s new so after EVERY procedure, the client watches the destruction of their device and the disposal of all other related materials.

AFTERCARE FOR ORAL PIERCINGS (download .pdf file for print) DOWNLOAD