We accept walk-ins but to ensure a specific time or day, call or e-mail to make an appointment.  Our artists are flexible and are more than happy to arrange an appointment that is convenient for the client. Our artists have many different styles such as Color, Freehand, Portrait, Black & Grey, Old Skool & Clean Skool. We are also “cover-up” specialists. We fix bad tattoos, guaranteed. We use new, sterilized needles EVERY TIME.

We use the highest quality supplies which undergo a rigorous cleaning process including chemical steriliants and autoclave sterilization. Spore tests are taken monthly to ensure quality control and sterility. Our rule is to destroy the clients’ needle in front of them so that they were confident that their needles and supplies were brand new. Without actually witnessing this process, how else could we guarantee new supplies?
We are the only body art facility to run Safe-T-Tat™, commonly known as Clean Skool, which we hope to integrate as a health standard to tattooing and body art worldwide.

AFTERCARE FOR TATTOOS (download .pdf file for print) DOWNLOAD